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A+Plus Consultants, LLCA+Plus Consultants, LLC

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Development Services

A+Plus Consultants specializes in dynamic, database driven, web site and e-commerce development. We are experts in the use of Microsoft ASP (Active Server Pages), Macromedia Cold Fusion, and PHP technologies for database connectivity. We have extensive experience using DHTML, JavaScript, XML, Flash, and other technologies. Of course, we can also develop static web sites using HTML, XHTML, and SSI (server side includes).

Basic Development
HTML, basic graphic design, JavaScript programming.
$65.00 / hour
No Worry Contracts

We put these hourly rates here so you know approximately how much we charge - but we don't generally charge for services by the hour. When we discuss a project with you, we'll write up the specifications and put a fixed price on the project - and we guarantee not to exceed that price as long as the specifications don't change!

Advanced Development
ASP, Cold Fusion, and PHP programming; database design and development.
$90.00 / hour
Advanced Services
Custom COM (Component Object Module) and Java programming and Macromedia Shockwave / Flash design.
$125.00 / hour
Site Maintenance
Let us maintain your web site for you - significantly reduced rates with yearly maintenance contracts when you sign up for as little as three hours a month!
Call for Quote!

We can handle all types of projects, from complete sites, to integrated components, to individual applications. Please contact us for details!